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”Tech never fails to amaze me.“

Oil & Gas Engineer turns technopreneur.

What we can do

Infra Consultation

Advice on cloud/on-prem infrastructure requirement for your specific use cases. Be it a plain old server rack with attached storage or the modern Kubernetes cluster.

Tech Stacks Consultation

Advice on tech/frameworks to fill in for your backend and frontend.


We develop for you - infrastructure, backend API, UI/UX design and implementation, even CI/CD.

DevOps Management

Manhours to monitor, advice and scale up your infrastructure.

Application Maintenance

Manhours to maintain existing application, either developed by us or not.

Feature/Bug Fixing

Small one-off task to either add feature or fix existing bugs in your application.

What we had achieved

App, SaaS and integration system for our clients and also internally owned. 


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